Generator, Loot, Twilight: 2000

This generator produces randomly-determined loot, scrounging, or merchant inventory results for Twilight: 2000. It is written with the v1, v2, and v2.2 rules and setting in mind but will theoretically work for other editions (albeit with some anachronisms for v3/2013). The code is written in JavaScript and JQuery.

To use the generator, select the type or subtype of loot you want, then click the Show me the loot! button. If you don't see the text change when you click the button, something is probably broken in the code.

To generate a probably-useless set of starting equipment for a PC, take a drink and click the Equip my character! button. Some possessions will be rolled only from selected loot types/subtypes. For a less-useless starting equipment generator, try my kit generator instead. If you arrived here from a direct link and want my other Twilight: 2000 resources, this is the place. And if you're getting value from this free resource and would like to support my work, please consider purchasing a copy of The Pacific Northwest or Tara Romaneasca.

Some loot tables are larger than others. Narrowly-focused results may be repetitive.

roll times
  small arms
  infantry support
  small arms
  heavy weapons
personal gear
  field gear
health and medical
raw materials
trade goods
consumables agricultural goods tools entertainment
food animals household goods information
fuel mobility

-- loot will be generated here --