Fast Scrounging Table

What did your players find? Draw a card and consult the table.

Hearts Clubs Diamonds Spades
Ace specialized medical equipment night-vision goggles or weapon sight precious metals specialized sensor system
King antibiotics (1d10 doses) ceramic body armor plates freeze-dried coffee battery charger
Queen anesthetic (50/50 chance local or total, 1d10 doses) portable radio chocolate vehicular or base station radio
Jack sedatives (50/50 chance mild or strong, 1d10 doses) Kevlar vest spices and seasonings specialized tools
10 pain reliever (2d10 doses) Kevlar helmet recreational drugs small arms reloading kit (supports 1d6 calibers)
9 anti-fever (2d10 doses) personal camouflage (ghillie suit, camo net, face paint, etc.) prewar liquor camera (20% chance video with 1d3 blank tapes; otherwise 35mm with 1d6 rolls of film)
8 trauma supplies (2d6 uses) laser sight (10% chance it has infrared mode) music surveillance electronics
7 personal trauma kit (1 use) suppressor technical publications demolition tools
6 food (10% chance MREs for 1d3 person-days, otherwise preserved for 1d10 person-days) chemlights (1d10; 10% chance infrared) entertainment literature chainsaw or rechargeable power tool
5 water purification source weapon sight (10% chance red dot or holographic, otherwise telescopic) religious texts or icons food preservation or processing equipment
4 cold-weather clothing climbing/rappelling equipment fine clothing pocket multi-tool
3 high-end camping gear chemical protective equipment (10% chance full suit, otherwise gas mask) high-end practical clothing chemical detector or Geiger counter
2 personal hygiene supplies unusual terrain equipment (snowshoes, skis, scuba, folding bicycle, parachute, etc.) adult magazines binoculars or spotting scope
Black Joker Exactly what you need to solve a current minor problem.
Red Joker Draw again, but something is horribly wrong...