Unofficial Support for Twilight: 2013

The following are free resources. All Twilight: 2013 material formerly published as a commercial product remains on sale at DriveThruRPG under the stewardship of Far Future Enterprises.


Core Rulebook (PDF, 290k)

PDF Products (PDF, 235k)

Czech Republic Setting Material

Survivor's Guide to the Czech Republic (setting sourcebook; PDF, 950k)

Driver's Guide: Czech Your Engine (vehicle sourcebook; PDF, 475k)

Google Maps setting reference

System Tools

Master Ammo Table (weights, prices, and Stage III ballistics tables for every caliber in the core book and Shooter's Guide supplements; PDF, 55k or XLS, 36k; email me for iWork Numbers format)


Rules Addendum (more guns and suppressors; PDF, 2.1 MB; formerly offered by 93 Games Studio as a free download)


(PDF, 38k)


(RTF, 2k)


(RTF, 2k)