Generator, Vehicle, Party, Twilight: 2000

This generator produces a randomized vehicle or set of vehicles for Twilight: 2000 parties. While it's written with the v2.2 rules in question, it should work for all editions, assuming available vehicle traits. Equipment, armament, and other details are generally intended to be plausible within the game world's context. However, randomization, imperfect text parsing, and reuse of code and tables from my other generators may produce some eccentric results. Note that vehicle selections and other details are heavily biased toward an American-dominant party.

If you want to build a party before filling out their garage, my random PC generator (for v2.2), is located here. If you arrived here from a direct link and want my other Twilight: 2000 resources, this is the place. And if you're getting value from this free resource and would like to support my work, please consider purchasing a copy of The Pacific Northwest or Tara Romaneasca.

Characters in Party
Dice Weighting
Weighting American equipment
Warsaw Pact equipment
NATO (other than U.S.) equipment
Embrace Diversity
Vehicle Names
Descriptive Flavor
Random Cargo
5th ID Vehicle History

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