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This wiki houses unofficial support material for Twilight: 2013 produced or compiled by Clayton Oliver (Tegyrius). All content is non-commercial. The game's commercial material remains on sale at DriveThruRPG under the stewardship of Far Future Enterprises.

To ensure the integrity of the copyrights and licenses associated with Twilight: 2000 and Twilight: 2013, this wiki is not open to contributions. It's a single writer's experiment in content presentation that may or may not be kept up if it proves to be better than flat HTML and PDF presentation. If you're looking for a Twilight: 2000 or Twilight: 2013 fan community, please visit the Twilight: 2000 forum at If you're interested in contributing to ongoing fan support of these properties, see the fanzine thread on that forum.

If you're looking for the previous unofficial support page that was hosted on De Fenestra, go here.

For additional information on the Twilight: 2013 products that were published commercially, go here.

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