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Twilight: 2000

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Encounter generator (expanded encounter options, work in progress)
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Fast scrounging table
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Index of Twilight: 2000 material in Challenge magazine
Setting material The Pacific Northwest (commercial release under GDW/Far Future Enterprises; PDF sold through DriveThruRPG)
Character options Aeroscout observer career (U.S. Army)
AFSOC careers (U.S. Air Force)
ANGLICO careers (U.S. Marine Corps)
Firefighter careers (civilian)
SWCC career (U.S. Navy)
Equipment XM2A61 Bradley Phalanx
Expendable But Unbowed: The LAV-25 in the Twilight War (PDF)
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Random MRE contents table

Twilight: 2013

Unofficial ex-dev support wiki (not under further development)

Small arms ballistics calculator

Reflex System firearm design guidelines

Words About Things

The Twilight: 2000 game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises and is copyright 1981-2020 Far Future Enterprises. Twilight: 2000 is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises. In the interest of respecting copyright, these pages do not reproduce substantial amounts of game text. PDFs of all published GDW material for the game are available at DriveThruRPG.

Unless otherwise indicated, all material on these pages is the original work of Clayton A. Oliver.


16 May 2021 Reworked architecture for the expanded encounter generator. Many functions are now in external JavaScript files rather than in the main HTML document. The hope is that this will be easier for me to maintain in the future...
23 Feb 2021 Added link to DriveThruRPG for The Pacific Northwest, my first commercial release for the line since Twilight: 2013.
03 Jan 2021 Expanded encounter generator:
- In independent and organized territory, some patrol encounters will be community militias rather than regular troops.
01 Jan 2021 Posted Reflex System ballistics calculator for 2013.
Expanded encounter generator:
- Homogenized artillery units.
31 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator:
- Added river-specific variants of refugee encounters.
- Added couriers as a variant patrol encounter, as well as possible additions to merchant convoys and villages.
- Smugglers, stragglers, merchant convoys, patrols, military convoys, and large units may also be encountered in villages.
- Implemented several under-the-hood code cleanup updates that shouldn't impact results.
29 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator:
- Added river-specific military engineering unit as a variant military convoy encounter.
- Some roadblocks (and, less frequently, some marauder camps) are fortified to varying levels.
- Added river-specific variants of roadblock and marauder camp encounters.
- Added a chance that ruined farms are instead marauder-occupied farms.
- In cantonment and organized territory, some patrols will be training units.
- Encounters on rivers that flow through woods and swamps have greater (i.e., more plausible for navigable waterways) encounter ranges.
- Removed Wear values from non-derelict vehicles, as it's not immediately relevant to the encounter.
28 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator:
- Cleaned up, expanded, and rationalized merchant cargos.
- Added livestock of various types to merchant cargos.
- Expanded trailer types and their corresponding cargo types.
- Expanded and rationalized engineering units' vehicles.
27 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator:
- Some large units will be regimental/brigade/division command units.
- Some military convoys will be repair/maintenance units or fueling units in motion.
19 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator:
- Added warlord forces to defenses of villages with the appropriate government model.
- Incidental additions to list of boat and gunboat hull types; traveling religious figure subtypes; traveling entertainer subtypes.
- Added national origin to appropriate smugglers' goods and other cargos.
- Added battlefield full of wrecks as another crater encounter sub-type.
- Added trouble plot hooks to villages.
- Pintle-mounted weapons may have gun shields of varying AV.
- Civilian vehicles are possible in some encounters.
- Added various products of post-apocalyptic chemistry to the cargo tables.
12 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator: farm encounters in cantonment territory may involve military agriculture.
10 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator: added villages' prewar economies for flavor and story seeds.
09 Dec 2020 Expanded encounter generator: added chance of a dog encounter being a single friendly dog.
08 Dec 2020 Moved downloads and images into their own subdirectories, changed links to match.
Posted random MRE contents table.
Posted fast scrounging table.
Added derelict trains and war cemeteries to the expanded encounter generator.